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Canine Hiking

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This community is for everyone interested in enjoying the outdoors with their dog(s).

We espouse responsible dog ownership here:
-Use a leash and collar with proper identification
-Pick up after your pet
-Be respectful of doglovers and non-lovers alike
-Practice "Leave no trace" ethics when hiking
-Teach your dog basic obedience (for your sanity and your pet's safety)
*Though not relevant to the community's topic, I urge you to spay/neuter your pet! There are far too many animals deserving of good homes that are needlessly euthanized every year.

Online Resources
American Kennel Club (AKC)-info on breeds, recreation and safety, obedience and performance events, canine good citizen test
Hike With Your Dog-tips on canine hiking. Professional day and overnight tours led by author of The Canine Hikers' Bible.
Wolf Packs-Excellent quality backpacks and gear for your dog. They also have really cute patches for trail miles traveled.
Ruff Wear-Outdoor doggie gear, snacks, and accesories.
Chester Country Canine Hiking Club-Informal hiking group in Chester Co, PA
K9 Trailblazers-Baltimore/Washington,DC hiking group. Good safety tips and detailed trail info.
Dog-Friendly.com-guide to dog-friendly US parks
National Park Service-Check your park for pet restrictions before visiting! Search for parks by recreational activity.
USDA Forest Service-General hiking safety tips.