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Back from the dead...

Hey, everyone. We've had a few new members join up -- even with very little activity in so long -- and it got me motivated to spark things up again in the canine hiking community. Welcome newcomers and hello again to longtime members!

It's been forever and a day since I last posted so I'll give you a quick update. My husband and I still have our lovely boy, Duke, and in June last year we adopted a lovely greyhound girl named Zoe. She's shy at first but a real beauty (and a total ham when she wants to be).

Many people think that since greyhounds are racers they must have tons of energy to burn and need constant exercise. This couldn't be further from the truth. Though they generate intense bursts of speed, greyhounds have next to no stamina. They're like cheetahs. And you might be surprised to know that many greyhounds don't even like to run, if given the option. They're content to just lie about in the sun or mosey around, sniffing roses. In fact, greys are jokingly known as "45 mph couch potatoes" -- and trust me, it's true.

So, when we go on hikes with both dogs, there's an interesting dynamic that occurs. The hyperactive workhorse (our Dobie) could go on and on, up hills, over rocks (but not through streams because he hates water)... while Zoe gets petered out much quicker and lags behind (but she'll happily plop right down in a freezing cold stream).

I was wondering if anyone else has a similar situation. If you own more than one dog (especially more than one dog breed), how does it affect your pace or planning for your hikes?
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