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Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself and my pups. My husband and I have three dogs, a spaniel/basset named Mary, a lab/dane mix named Jackson, and a purebred dane named Julie. We love hiking witth our dogs. We live in West Alabama and some of our favorite places to hike are the Sipsey Wilderness area, the Walls of Jericho, and Oak Mountain State Park. We also do a good bit of out of state hiking when we can. We pretty much always choose vacation destinations where dogs are allowed.

Now I'll share a few pics... 

These first few are from our last trip to the Sipsey. This is Julie making a burrito of herself in my tent.

This is JuJu, my friend's pitbull, in his backpack. JuJu's had a rocky history with my dogs. He started out as my foster puppy and grew into my very animal aggressive foster dog. He was quite the liability for a time. Fortunately he has an owner with no other pets and gets lots of one on one attention. Now he can actually be around other animals so long as he's supervised and leashed. He's a total love when it comes to people.

Here's Jackson watching my friend pump water.

Us making a big ascent where we had to lift the dogs over our heads:

Here's Mary chilling out on the couch after the trip:

and a pic of Julie and Jackson:

and because I can't leave him out, here's a picture of Drake. He was my first dane and he passed away this March.

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