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Hey all, Me and my dog Whisper are new to this group. I've had Whisper since February and she's turning into quite the little hiking buddy. I want to either make or buy her a set of saddle bags so she can start packing our water and lunch when we go on longer hikes. Me, Whisper, my husband and our 4 cats live in Washington, right next to the border of North Idaho. Whisper is 3.5 and some sort of Border Collie or Aussie Shephard mix as best as I can guess. She is naturally very well behaved, but we are still working on the basics of come, stay and sit. My sister and I hiked down to a local lake for the first time today, to see if Whisper would like to swim. Well she loved it!

A day at the lake

A few other pics to show off my girl

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