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Last week, Patrick and I both bought new cross-country ski boots! This is great because now we can be physically active and enjoy what's left of Winter, and Jade can also get lots of fun exercise!

On Thursday, Patrick and Jade and I went to Battle Island and skiied for about an hour and a half, and then today we went about a mile away from my house to the power lines behind the woods where my dad's old house is.

It was SO beautiful. We skiied for 3 hours. The sun was shining bright and there was a nice breeze.. Bright blue shadows everywhere and the snow sparkled.

It was only like 30 degrees but we got so hot! So did Jade! He was awesome. He makes me so proud. He was off-leash the whole time, except when we first got out of the car and when we got back to the road when we were done. Luckily, the road we parked on is a super quiet old country road, so there is hardly any traffic. Anyway, he is just such a good boy.

We saw one snowmobiler the whole time that we were there, and we were still putting our skis on when he showed up, so we weren't even on the trail yet. The whole time we were out on the trail, we had it all to ourselves. The gravel beds were silent, too. It was so beautiful.

We're going skiing there tomorrow, too. It makes me sad that we just bought our boots and winter is practically over.. Then again, we haven't had enough snow to cross-country ski until like the past 2 or 3 weeks, anyway. We got almost no snow this winter! Damn! Oh well. We're going to bike out there once the snow is gone, so it will still be fun and enjoyable for us and Jader-baby. :)

Here are some lovely pictures! Oh, my monitor is messed up and super dark, so I tried to enhance the photos a little bit... I hope they look alright. :/

First of all, this is what Jade does when he's hungry and tired.
You probably don't believe me, but yes,
he brought his bowl up into his chair with him, all by himself.

My beautiful boy having a blast in the gravel beds.

I have a photo almost identical to this one that I took last winter!

Jade had such an amazing time.
His tongue was hanging to the ground.
He was happy as Hell. :)

My boys!

Back at the Jeep,
packing up the skis for the "long" one-mile ride home! :P

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