fritly (fritly) wrote in caninehiking,

teaching our 75 pound lab to ride in a kayak....a definate challenge

So this isn't exactly about hiking...It's more about water, dogs, and kayaks. We just recently perchased another kayak that's big enough to hold my mom and our lab Sam. Sam is about a year and 1/2 and full of energy...Oh did I mention that he isn't affraid of anything, especially water. We have a river behind our house so the first attempt in the new kayak was close to home. Sam was fine and rather energetic getting into the boat but he wasn't used to getting into a slighty rocky boat. He had a tendency to jump out and jump back in all rather suddenly. He has gotten better now that he's done it a few times. However the minute another family member comes into sight he wants to go and "rescue" them. He has the same problem with swimming. Any one have any ideas on how to get him to stay in the boat and not attempt to rescue people in the water?

HAPPY 4th everyone!!
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