Djesrett-m-Sekhmet (sekhmetsat) wrote in caninehiking,

camping with dog

Ranger did really well. we mostly walked around the campsite, but since it borders mohican state forest, it was woodsy. He doesn't like well water. He will be quiet left alone in his crate in the tent, but NOT on the chain at the campsite. he doesn't bark, he lays down and whines. awwww my puppy loves me....he got lots of walks to the bathroom because of it. he did really really well when the in-laws and their kids showed... he sat to let the little ones pet him, and only tried to jump once, when all the girls chased each other past him. NO HERDING SHEEP. and when we got home, he went to my son's room and curled up under his bed and went to sleep:)
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